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What We Said

Dec 1, 2020

This week the girls open up a discussion about internet trolls and cancel culture. They share their opinions about why they believe nobody owes you anything & why it can be a scary place on social media. They share their personal experiences & how to truly stop caring what people think about you. 


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Nov 27, 2020

This week the girls are doing an advice column episode: Holiday Edition! They chat about in-law pressure, how to put someone in the friend zone, & advice on ensuring a long-distance relationship! 





Nov 24, 2020

This week, Chelsey & Jaci are giving you their best tips to stay healthy & happy over the holidays! They share how to avoid meal-time stress, how to fit your physical activity into your busy schedule & other tips for reducing stress & keeping your immune system up! Happy Thanksgiving! 



Nov 17, 2020

This week the girls briefly recap bachelorette before they get into their ultimate holiday wish list. They share all the items they want this year for Christmas including hair accessories, sweat sets, bathroom essentials, their fav jewelry brands, kitchen essentials, & so much more! They also give you tips on how you...

Nov 10, 2020

In this episode, the girls are talking about overcoming imposter syndrome. They describe what imposter syndrome actually means, where & why it shows up & how to switch your mindset to be more confident. They also talk about how it specifically applies to women in the workplace. They give tips to stop overthinking &...