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What We Said

Jun 28, 2022

On this episode, Jaci & Chelsey read stories from listeners about their cringiest misunderstandings! Stories include: embarrassing high fives, Italian waiters, childhood crushes, & more! 


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Jun 24, 2022

On this week’s advice column episode the girls are talking about making new adult friends, when to talk marriage with your bf, & getting back in the friend zone. 


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Jun 21, 2022

This week Jaci & Chelsey are reading your wildest travel stories. Stories include: nail clippings, diaper incidents, a reclining bandit, and road trip car problems. They also chat about escape rooms, airport etiquette, & more.


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Jun 14, 2022

This week the girls come prepared with all the summer inspo you could possibly want! They talk about the “three word method” on how to find your personal style, they talk about good books to read, shows to watch, and fun date ideas! They also talk about documenting vs creating a moment & unique activities to do...

Jun 10, 2022

We are so excited to announce that we are adding another episode each month! This week we discuss our experience growing up Mormon, answering common questions, & more! 

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