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What We Said

Sep 30, 2022

Kelsey joins Chelsey & Jaci this week for some ~ girl talk ~.  They talk about how you know who is “the one”, wedding planning, Jaci’s beef with Cody, hair care routines, and they also answer some listener questions about navigating your twenties, catching your BF looking at other girls, & more! 


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Sep 27, 2022

This week the girls are reading all about the family DRAMA! They read stories about secret second families, crazy In-laws, a hitman, and dating cousins. The girls also catch you up on their current favorite shows, massive house clean outs, & more!


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Sep 20, 2022

This week the girls are joined by Kristin Johns! They chat about their weekend in Malibu, being put in “a box” by the internet, being vulnerable, her and Marcus’s dynamic, & so much more!

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Sep 13, 2022

This week the girls are getting controversial and sharing their unpopular opinions! They also read submissions from their listeners with their own piping hot takes: dog people, kids on planes, mean girls, actors, & more! 



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Sep 9, 2022

 IT’S FALL CLEANING TIME!! This week the girls are diving into the benefits & how-to’s of keeping your life organized & tidy. They talk about why it’s so important to have a clean space, why it’s so hard to upkeep, & some book recommendations to get you started. They share ways to clean out everything from your...