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What We Said

Aug 14, 2018

This week Jaci & Chelsey are joined by Dave & Natalie Swenson! Dave & Natalie had a rough 2017 to say the least. Last summer Dave’s older brother went missing & after almost 3 weeks of relentless searching his body was found & they had to lay him to rest, not knowing that only hours after the funeral they would be giving birth to their 2nd daughter. In the following months their business suffered, Natalie dealt with childhood trauma for the first time, & their baby had a pneumonia scare. They couldn’t help but think God was playing with them. Throughout all of this Dave had a poem that he wrote months earlier stuck in his head & they decided to share their story & write a children’s book in hopes of helping others going through similar struggles. Dave & Natalie open up about finding light in the darkness & what to do when you’ve found yourself at rock bottom. One of the most genuine couples, these two have such a kind and warm presence and tell their story beautifully. To support them & their book PLEASE go donate to their kickstarter so they can reach their goal! Find their book on Instagram: @grow.thebook