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What We Said

Jan 22, 2019

This week Chelsey & Jaci share their best kept beauty & health secrets with you. They spill the tea about their absolute favorite skin products, makeup, oral hygiene brands, healthy treats, & other must-have products! Some of these product’s price point start as low as $7. They rave about their best finds and why they love them so much. Things that have helped control their acne, keep their gums healthy, elevate their facial game, satisfy their sweet tooth, & even sanitize their phones. Get ready for some recommendations straight from the heart. None of these products are sponsored! 


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Face Mask: 
Cold Processed Castor Oil:
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase:
Personal Microderm Tool:
 Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie:
Numbered Bullet Journal:
Phonesoap Sanitizer:
Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser:
Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller:
Carbon Theory Tea Tree & Vitamin E Moisturizer:
Rosewater Vinegar Toner:
Osea Corrective Complex Oil:
St. Tropez Tanning Mousse:
Laneige Lip Mask:
MAC highlighter:
Cosrx Pimple Patches:
Pink Cloud Moisturizer:
NARS lipstick (Toledé):
MAC lipstick (Peach Blossom):
Dyson Blow Dryer:
Tongue Scraper:
Water Flosser:
Sleep Gummies:
Larq Water Bottle:
Blue Light Glasses: