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What We Said

Jan 29, 2019

Chelsey and Jaci are joined this week by the icon herself, Indy Blue! Indy is a 21 year old blogger, influencer, videographer, and quite possibly the most relatable millennial you will ever meet. After her end-of-the-year video went viral several years ago, Indy has traveled the world, created witty and creative content, and has built a brand that draws people in and establishes loyal followers. They talk about how she has created such a deep connection with her audience and what she does to maintain that, how she feels about Instagram ads, and how she travels on a budget. Indy is an open book in this interview as she talks about her childhood, growing up in Utah and her recent move to LA, boys, how she makes money, and finally, how she responds to pressure and “haters". Follow her on Instagram: @indyblue_