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What We Said

Feb 5, 2019

This week the ladies are joined by personal training expert, Kelsey Reinert. Kelsey has been interested in fitness and nutrition her whole life growing up with a mother who was also a personal trainer. Kelsey was a collegiate athlete, has been personal training clients for 6 years, and is NESTA, CES, PES, and TRX certified. She is currently Jaci and Leif's personal trainer, and has changed the game for them when it comes to routine and weight lifting. Kelsey also has online digital workout programs curated for everyone's individual level called Goldie Squats that are available for purchase through her website, On this episode, Kelsey answers questions about fitness and health sent in by friends and listeners! The girls chat about how to stay motivated with your health goals, the difference between HIIT, cardio, weight lifting, etc. and who is better suited for each, and how to be confident in the gym. Kelsey is also several months pregnant and talks about the changes your body goes through and how to modify your workout routine. They also discuss the warning signs of pushing yourself too hard, eating disorders, a healthy mindset and the difference between discipline and punishment. This episode is packed full of valuable information for anyone wanting to level up their workout routine or just wanting to know how to get started. Follow Kelsey on Instagram: @kelseyreinert