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What We Said

Dec 28, 2021

The girls are coming at you this week with some true crime stories! Chels & Jaci each picked one true crime story to recount & tell you about. Jaci covers the story of the missing children J.J. & Tylee Vallow. Chelsey covers the story of the Turpin Family: House of Horrors. 




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Dec 21, 2021

Merry Christmas! The girls bring their husbands on to read your holiday stories with them! They read stories about funny holiday traditions, getting coal for Christmas, heart warming acts of service, & more to get you in the holiday spirit.



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Dec 17, 2021

This month’s advice column is coming at you early this month! The girls, like usual, share their advice with you about dating age gaps, being your own boss, & catching feelings for your best friend. 



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Dec 14, 2021

Tyson French joins the girls this week! They discuss whether boys and girls can be platonic friends… then they read your worst dating stories & react. Stories about Disney wannabes, possible kidnappings, crying about their ex on the date… & MORE! Follow Tyson: @tyfrench



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Dec 7, 2021

This week the girls are diving into the topic of the winter blues & why most people feel down in the dumps the colder & darker it gets. They talk about when to get professional help, why it’s easy to feel sad in the winter, & simple ways to cheer yourself up! 



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